Pura Lighting

Date: 2015-2016
Projects include: layout, icon design, interactive pdfs.

When I started, Pura had a few static specification sheets, a logo, and a handful of packaging designs. There were a few established themes across the brand: Gotham, colour scheme, and line drawings.

Custom Icons

I created over ninety-six custom icons to help customers quickly identify and select the product features they needed.

Pura Lighting Icon design

Specification sheets

In 2015, most of the companies in industry had static specification sheets. Engineers, developers, and architects would printed out them out, indicate their selection by writing on the specification sheet, and then fax it to the recipient.

The process was slow, manual, and required a lot of knowledge about the products.


Original Pura Specification sheet

Original specification sheet

Interactive specification sheets

The new specification sheets auto-filled the product code based on specifications chosen. If an architect made a selection that the developer wanted to change later for cost savings, faxing was no longer needed, just select the newly required feature and resubmit the newly updated product code.


Pura Lighting Specfication Sheet Layout design

Redesigned specification sheet

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