Date: 2019
The goal was to create a brand for a peer-to-peer fundraising platform for local and global causes. My team and I named it Neighbourly because we want to be good neighbours to people near and far. Created while working for The Alliance Canada.

Web Designer: Matthew Caldwell
Copywriter: Kristen Parker

Neighourbly logo design
Neighourbly logo design

Makeup of the mark

The Neighbourly mark is symbolic of many households overlapping and becoming something bigger than the individual. The flowers represent human flourishing because we want to make the world a beautiful place together. We’ll refer to the icon as “the Neighbourhood” in this guide.

Six house icons rotated, showing how the logo is designed.Six house icons rotated, showing how the logo is designed.Neighourbly Brand guidelines

Colour Formulas

Use only these colours for Neighbourly applications.

Neighourbly Brand guidelines: Colour formulas

Picking the colour palette

Research shows that women give significantly more to charities than men, so I created a colour scheme that is welcoming, gentle, and friendly yet not alienating for men either.

A neighbourhood needs neighbours

Flat people illustrations are a tech-company fad, but I chose to use people as the main graphical elements because the entire brand is built on the concept of people being compassionate to each other. I bought  stock illustrations and changed the colour schemes to be on-brand. As the brand scales, I intend to draw more people in this style and grow the neighbourhood to be more inclusive of age, race, and ability.

Two women talking while holding their children. A toddler pulls on her mom's dress.

QR codes

The Neighbourly mark was designed with QR codes in mind. QR codes can be scanned in any direction, so I orientated it at a 45-degree angle because it reflected the diagonal lines of the mark. It also resembles a neighbourhood baseball diamond, which was a happy accident.

QR code for Neighbourly

Welcome packet

Neighbourly welcome kit brochure design

I created a custom folder to introduce people to the Neighbourly program. Everybody receives a few stickers with QR codes and a wallet card and key chain card, all with their own unique QR codes. Three things most people carry on them are a wallet, keys, and a phone; we covered all the bases.

Neighbourly membership card design


I created layout for the website, for churches to sign up and create their own give portals.

Neighbourly website design gif

Let's work together

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