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The brand is you.

I love this quote from Seth Godin: The Elegance of Nothing:

“If Nike announced that they were opening a hotel, you’d have a pretty good guess about what it would be like. But if Hyatt announced that they were going to start making shoes, you would have NO IDEA WHATSOEVER what those shoes would be like. That’s because Nike owns a brand and Hyatt simply owns real estate.

the brands that matter are voices that choose to matter. Voices that make assertions on behalf of their users. Who market with people, and for them, not to them or at them.”

Seth gets it. The brand isn’t the logo or product. The brand is you. It’s everything you say and do, especially how you treat people.

And if you’re curious, here’s what midjourney thinks the Nike hotel lobby looks like:

Midjourney thinks running shoes made by Hyatt look like, it’s got that noisy carpet look:

or this:

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