Momentum anthology

Momentum Anthology

Date: 2019-2020
We were going to create an anthology of President David Hearn's monthly article but this project that died due to the pandemic. I set out to illustrate each article in a similar style.

Most of the illustrations are close to final, some were still in process, like the extremely empty Where's Waldo style drawing for Where's Jesus.

The concept was a lot of fun and I enjoyed the process.

Editorial Illustration of former gang member asking for prayer.Editorial Illustration of luggage with tagsEditorial Illustration of locked door that reads: No Tresspassing, especially Jesus.Editorial illustration of open lock that reads ShalomTwo editorial illustrations. One of abstract frustration that looks like a scribble. Another of a kindle with lettering that reads: Beloved, Trust your father for victoryEditorial illustration of washing feet.Editorial illustration of waterAn "a fib" heart beat editorial illustrationHand Lettering that says: My Grace is sufficientEditorial Illustration of a ship in a bottle that is floating in the ocean.Hand Lettering that reads come holy spirit come.Editorial Illustration of a kid hiding in a laundromat with an angry neighbour looking for them.Editorial illustration of a large shadow in the shape of a monster cast by the shadow from the word fearTwo wrestlers grappling editorial illustration.Spotlight in a dark room editorial illustration.Breaking Chains Editorial illustrationAn unfinished where's waldo style image that is missing most of the peopleJesus rough sketch from the where's waldo style illustrationEditorial illustration and hand lettering depicting a map of the middle east that reads: Jesus is EverywhereHand lettering that reads: PeaceEditorial illustration of a monument on the camino trailEditorial illustration of Hand written noteEditorial illustration of a crying girl

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