Type and Verse

Client: Personal Project
Year: 2013-Current
Website: typeandverse.com

How it started

Type and Verse started because I was teaching English in China. I liked my job but I would have rather be doing design. Having clients in China when you don't speak Chinese is pretty diffcult. I had no clients, didn't want to do unsolicited rebrands but I felt an itch to create. I'd discovered that loved I loved lettering because I was too poor to buy fonts in college and decided that I would start practicing every week.

I wanted to letter something meaningful so I spent some time searching online for a variety of quotes but found it was way too easy to be picky and not letter because I wasn't inspired by a quote. I decided that I would start a project where I would force letter once piece for each week of the Chinese school semester (20 weeks a semester) and that I would go through the book of Psalms. I had consistent content, a time frame, and I set to it. I've slowed down because life has changed since then, I have a much more full time job, freelancing, and I'd rather spend a few weeks making something I really love than push something out every week though that was very valueable for me then.

Featured below are some of my favorite pieces and you can check out my website for type and verse to follow along with the project and view it in its entirety.

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