Pura Lighting Case Study

Client: Pura Lighting
Year: 2015-2016
Scope: Interactive PDFs, Icons, Layout, & Packaging


When I started, Pura had some static spec sheets, a logo, and a few packaging designs. There wasn't much to work with but there were a few common themes across the brand: the use of Gotham, a colour scheme and line drawings. I took these established elements and applied them to all the collateral I made.

Interactive Specification Sheets

My main responsibility at Pura Lighting was to create specification sheets. I made some static specifications sheets at first. However, the way the industry uses specification sheets is very inefficient. Most of the companies in the lighting industry have specification sheets where engineers, developers, and architects print out them out, indicate their selection by writing on the specification sheet, then they fax it to the recipient.

I created a time-saving system for Pura Lighting and their distributors. No more deciphering a twice faxed architect's scrawl. Changing the specifications for a developer's project doesn't require re-printing and re-faxing. 

Pura specification sheet

Click on the spec sheet above to download it and try it for yourself. Use Acrobat for best compatibility.

Typical industry specification sheet


I created a series of icons for the specification sheets so that different lighting features and options could be quickly and easily distinguished from the rest.

Field Guides

Quick reference guides for all Pura products and their respective options broken down into four categories based on potential client needs.