Hand to Heart Creations Case Study

Client: Felicia Jordan
Year: 2015
Scope: Identity Design

Hand to Heart Creations

Felicia approached me to create a logomark for a Hand to Heart Creations, a charitable project with which she is involved which sells hand made crafts and restored furniture to fundraise for schools in Jamaica.

I gave her a questionnaire to help us define the project’s scope and goals and afterwards we followed up with a skype conversation about the questionnaire.


Survey Conclusions

We discussed creating a logomark that communicates the following aspects that resonated with the vision of Hand to Heart Creations:

  • Custom and handmade
  • Helping others
  • DIY crafts
  • Creativity
  • Making old things new
  • Vintage
  • “Taking something we love to do and using [it] to help the people we love.”


There were a lot of organizations or groups who have similarly named organizations and visions. Most of them have cliched imagery and design motifs. The following is a list of thing that I chose to avoid:

  • Bright red
  • Heart shapes
  • Hearts inside hands
  • Hands inside hearts
  • Hands making heart shapes
  • Red and white color scheme
  • Scribbling/Scribbled lettering or imagery (why anybody would want scribbled, half done lettering to represent quality handmade is beyond me.)
  • Substituting hearts for letterforms / hearts inside of the counter spaces of letters
  • Creepy disfigured hands
  • Red handprints (which end up looking like bloody, crime scene evidence)
  • Tons and tons of red


The goal of the sketch stage is to be exhaustive and to get ideas down on paper. It doesn’t matter if they’re good (most of which are not). By being exhaustive, I can explore as many options as possible and give shape to the best solution.


As the sketching stage ends,  I narrowed the options down to a few concepts which I feel meet the goals of the project.



I wanted to emphasize the handmade and custom aspect of Hand to Heart Creations, so I chose a script style for lettering the logomark. I felt a handmade, custom-lettered script, would emphasize the handmade aspect of Hand to Heart Creations. I created a lock which I thought would be ideal for a rubber stamp for handmade price tags.

After I’m finished sketching, I’ll choose a few sketches that I’ll redraw to refine and rework the idea.

I’ll scan each concept and bring them into illustrator where I’ll work out the ideas digitally, making sure every anchor and handle are perfectly placed.


The big reveal

After a lot of pixel pushing, I’ve finally finalized the concept that I think is best. I created a presentation (much like this webpage) to explain the process that I’ve taken and to reveal the piece for feedback and revisions. Although I much prefer face-to-face presentations, I presented this to Felicia over Skype.

In addition to the logomark, I also mocked up some items that I think would compliment the visual identity, specifically the stamp.
I thought a good experiment would be to buy pre-strung tags from an office supply store for price tags to attach to the handmade products that they sell, and quickly mocked up an idea for that.